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Then, as lawmakers struggled to gather details for constituents about the temporary halt to all refugee admissions, as well as a travel and immigration ban for those coming from seven Muslim-majority nations, at least one prominent GOP senator was told that the State Department had been instructed not to communicate with Congress. "There's blackjack strategy trainer not a lot of answers as of today. In fact my staff was told the State Department as of today was ordered not to talk to Congress about this issue," said Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida. "That cannot be a permanent position, we expect answers here fairly soon." Next followed the surprising news, first reported by Politico, that the administration's repeated claims that Hill Republicans were involved in drafting the executive order apparently referred to staffers on the House Judiciary Committee who acted without the knowledge of GOP leadership. Each new revelation set off alarm bells on Capitol Hill where Republicans, eager to give Trump the benefit of the doubt barely a week into his presidency, are confronting repeated bouts of chaos of the administration's own making. The failure to consult with lawmakers ahead of time on the immigration executive order set the stage for high-profile Republicans to criticize the measure once it started attracting widespread controversy and so they did, though House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have remained largely supportive. And the administration's decision to make a major foreign policy move with no notice to Congress raised questions about how well the Trump White House will work with Capitol Hill to push through a massive legislative agenda that includes repealing and replacing Barack Obama's health care law, overhauling the tax code and building a border wall. Although many Republicans remained optimistic that the failures amounted to growing pains for the new administration, congressional relations under the Trump administration seemed to be off to a sour start. "I think they understand, let me put it that way, that this was not handled in the most productive manner," Corker said.

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