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Trudeau and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, who had already met in Beijing earlier this month, agreed to solve a drawn-out dispute over exports of Canadian canola, worth C$2 billion a year. "Our progress on this file goes to show how two countries willing to collaborate can solve difficult challenges together," Trudeau told a joint news conference. Li said the deal reflected China's goodwill to Canadian canola farmers. For all the friendly talk, Trudeau is under pressure from domestic critics who charge he is too willing to make concessions in return for more trade with China. Both nations are now talking about an extradition treaty, which China has long wanted so it can press for the return of what it says are corrupt officials who fled to Canada. Human rights advocates oppose this, citing what they say is a flawed Chinese justice system. "It will be very important that any future agreement will be based on reflecting the realities, the principals, the values that our citizens hold dear," said Trudeau. Li did not answer directly when pressed what guarantees China would give that deportees would not be tortured. Outside, on the lawns in front of Parliament, hundreds of yellow-clad Falun Gong members - a religious group that says it is repressed in China - held a protest.

It happened in Cocoa along U.S. 1. The business was shut down and equipment was confiscated after concerns of illegal gambling. Police have not made any arrests, but are investigating three people who worked there, all of whom could be charged. The establishment operated in a low-profile manner, without so much as a sign out front. Police said they received a tip about the place several weeks ago and they've been investigating ever since. Customers play games of chance on the internet, and most forms of gambling are illegal in Florida. Thursday afternoon, police were labeling and identifying computer screens and other equipment they said were used in the gambling. "I don't know how much money they took in, but customers would pay a fee here and get access on the internet to all kinds of gambling programs," said Yvonne Martinez with the Cocoa Police Department. Once police identify and label all the equipment, which occupies three different locations in the strip mall, they will likely spend a few hours moving the equipment into trucks to carry it away as evidence.

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These sin stocks tend to be the most talked about due to their stability and their generous dividend yields. But even with this passive income source, you would still have to own quite a few shares to make the dividends worth your while. Also, tobacco stocks can sometimes produce pedestrian returns in the markets. Enter Vector Group Ltd (NYSE: VGR ). VGR'sclaim to gambling games fame is its e-cigarette business, which is conducted through its Zoom E-Cigs subsidiary. Despite taking on a behemoth, this subsector is really making a powerful impact. Of the 45 million smokers in the U.S., more than 6% are e-cigarette smokers. That provides a lot of growth opportunity for VGR stock. More importantly, e-cigarette sales have jumped from $500 million in 2012 to nearly $2.9 billion in 2015. Again, that's a big plus for Vector. An even more enticing draw is the market performance.

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