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Video slots a long shot to get added to gaming bill

Video slots a long shot to get added to gaming bill In April, state police raided 48 bars along with a business, a warehouse and a home, in four southwestern Pennsylvania counties – Washington, Westmoreland, Fayette and Allegheny. They confiscated 215 allegedly illegal machines during those raids and seized more than $177,000 in cash. In announcing the raid, Major Scott T. Miller, the current Director of the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement, said “illegal machines such as these are unregulated and do not operate on true odds.” How much money the machine will pay out in winnings is determined by the game operator, and there’s no way for the gambler to really know if the game is fair or not, he said. It’s also hard for the player to know if the game is legal. In response to the Right to Know request, state police said they could not explain how many cases there were last year in which video slot machines were determined to be legal. “If an establishment possess a gaming/gambling device on the premises it is examined/tested to see if it possesses the characteristics of a gambling device,” according to the state police response written by Lissa Ferguson, deputy agency open records officer for the state police. “The Bureau does not gather the statistic of the number of devices examined/tested on licensed premises,” she added. Enforcement of the law is complicated by the fact that there are no statewide legal decisions spelling out what exactly makes a video slot machine illegal, said Pennsylvania State Police Cpl. Adam Reed. Machine operators generally try to argue that they are offering games of skill rather than illegal games of chance, Reed said.

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